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Hamilton Photographics
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
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Dreaming of Mexico
Something Black
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At Hamilton Photographics we offer a wide range of photographic services. On location or in studio we shoot model and product photos for ad campaigns that reach across the country. We also design in house the ad copy that will get used in many of those campaigns. We shoot photos that get used on covers of as well as editorially in magazines. We shoot local and international portfolios for the models and actors that appear in those ad campaigns and magazine layouts.

Locally we also shoot photos for those wanting that modeling / fashion experience. Our portraits, weddings, boudoir and glamour photo sessions (even special grad photos) take on the style and lighting that we use for our fashion, editorial and ad campaigns. We strive to make the experience fun and easy for the participant. An experience to remember and photos to treasure.

William Hamilton, of Hamilton Photographics, has been photographing fashion for magazine editorial and advertising layouts for more than 25 years with credits that include work in local, national and international magazines and local and international ad campaigns.

In addition, Bill shoots portfolio work for a number of local and international models and actors as well as album cover and promotional work for singers/songwriters and musicians. His new book of fashion photos, shot on location in Manzanillo, Mexico, fittingly called "Dreaming of Mexico" was released in fall of 2008.

We look forward to his latest book project, "Something Black" that will be forthcoming later this year, which will be an art project that will tie into a gallery show and charity fundraiser utilizing photos from the book. You can get a sneak peak of the book here.

We are still doing fantasy, glamour, boudoir, art and figure photographs but they have there own web space. This Fantasy/ Figure site link will take you there if you are interested. To return to the main Hamilton Photographics site, click here.